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Update on education

After realizing I am not fit enough to handle a physically taxing workload I decided to pick school back up and strive towards becoming a programmer.

I finished my six (6) month education (Java Fullstack Development) with Lexicon, Växjö and learned how to manage a simple application with database connections and a web framework.
Among the topics were React, Springboot, JPA, Javascript and HTML.

I constructed a profile page on Arbetsförmedlingens webpage with added competencies and am hoping I will look desirable in a future employer’s eyes.
But landing a job is a secondary goal to furthering my education.

The remainder of this year (2022) I will be pursuing a C# / .NET course á circa six (6) months.

I’m already in talks with the course manager to apply for this education, all I need is permission from Arbetsförmedlingen.

What’s attractive specifically about C# and .NET is that it is the language the game engine of Ultima Online utilizes. Which is fun to me, because learning about this language would allow me to mess around with a private shard along with my guild. (Guild website in the works).

Furthermore, throughout all of the years I’ve been online I’ve only read positive remarks about the C# compiler and how it is the foundation of programming essentially. To be in the same room socializing with old bearded men is something I want. It is the modern equivalent of hanging out in the Lycaeum of ancient Greece alongside the great thinkers of the time.

As a footnote I would like to give a thumbs up to Arbetsförmedlingen for updating their webpage to a competent design and behaviour. It used to be catastrophic but today it’s looking good. (Y).